15 Wonderful Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test is normally used, if a female was pregnant or not. Like current pregnancy testers, they as well utilized a woman’s urine or bloodstream to check on, if she is conceiving a child or not.

Obtaining a mother is a primary turning factor in every single woman’s life. Conceiving a child is an instant of pleasure worth mil dollars.


Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

We must know the physiology and the performing process of a female. A lot of signs may ensure that the female ovum has fertilized with the male sperms in sequence to bring on the process growth of a baby.

Use some few homemade pregnancy testers that you can try, applying simple items discovered in your home.

Symptoms of pregnancy :

Well missed periods, tiredness, headache, lower back ache, swollen feet, soft breasts and food cravings, darkening of areolas etc.

Some other signs may be nausea or vomiting, swollen breasts, increased urination, etc. Through these symptoms, a female can simply evaluate that she is currently pregnant and can now continue to a much more efficient test known as a Pregnancy Test.

1. Dandelion Leaves


Dandelion Leaves : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Slice a several dandelion leaves and place them in a package. Create sure that right after you set the leaves in the plastic material jar, they do not come in make contact with the sunlight.

Consume a lot of water just before the test, so that your bladder is full. Now urine on the leaves, they must get absolutely engrossed. Right after 10 mins, examine if there are any red bumps on the simply leaves. If yes, then the outcome is beneficial.

2. Urine test

Urine Test : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Gather your urine in a bottle or jar. Create sure you relax the bottle on a flat surface area and do not touching it. Following 24 hours, if you see a thin white layer on the top rated of the urine, it is a signal of positive result, which means you are currently pregnant. If there are no changes, the result is negative.

3. Mustard Powder

Mustard Powder : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

If you have missed your periods. Load a shower with hot water and put some fresh mustard powder to it. Now dip your body in the water for 15 to 20 mins. Get a bath with plain water and wait around until the following day to see, if your period begins the pursuing day.

If it does, then it could be that your period is delayed due to other factors. Nevertheless, if there is no sign of a bloody release, possibilities are that you are ready for a baby.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Blend a small sample of your urine with vinegar in a plastic glass and mix it. While mixing, you may see some bubbles. Do not fear about them, they are not dangerous to you. If the colour of the combination modifications, it means you are expecting.

5. Sugar

Sugar : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Consider this test using your early morning urine, as it is extra focused. In a pan, put 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar and urine on the sugar. If the sugar begins dissolving, then the result is negative. Nevertheless, creation of clumps suggests a positive result.

6. Tuna Juice and Vinegar

Combine ¼ cup of tuna juice and ¼ cup of vinegar in a plastic-type cup. Now urinate in a individual cup and then put your urine to this combination. Following a few mins, if the color modifications to green, then you are pregnant. If the color modifications to yellowish-orange, it shows a unfavorable result.

7. Soap

Soap : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Soap is a common day-to-day household want item for health and cleanliness purpose. The stability of this test is not examined, but it is famous for home remedy for pregnancy testing.

The method begins with gathering some fresh urine that is the first release of early morning in a small jar or test tube. Then some soap lather is included to the urine and after close examination, if there are bubbles established in the remedy then you are more probably to be pregnant. But this outcome has not been very positive for many people and for that reason is untrustworthy to an level.

8. Wheat and Barley

Wheat and Barley : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

The Wheat and Barley Test. The Egyptian woman created this process as a home remedy to detect pregnancy. There is still no verification that whether it is efficient or not.

Women need to urine on the plants seeds of wheat and barley. Once the seeds are over loaded in urine then a close paying attention is executed, the growths of wheat seeds suggest the birth of a girl and growths of barley seeds suggest the birth of a boy. This is a unusual test yet having a sensible description of some of it. The development representative is Oestrogen current in the urine of pregnant women.

9. Bleaching Powder

Bleaching Powder : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Blend bleach and urine in a cup. If the combination starts to foam you have some good news to share.

One of the best home remedies for pregnancy test to confirm a pregnancy involves the use of bleach. The test is actually easy. Accumulate the first urine of the day and put some bleaching powder to it. If the urine begins fizzing and foaming, the probability of you being expecting are fairly high. Of course, you know what the outcome is if absolutely nothing occurs when you put the bleach to the urine.

10. Pine Sol

Make pine sol, blend various parts of the pine tree collectively like cones, twigs and small needles in a hard plastic container. Urine on the combination and wait for 10 mins. If the coloring of the pine sol alterations then the outcome is positive.

11. Toothpaste

Toothpaste : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

Combine a spoonful of toothpaste “use a milky white paste” and some urine in a plastic material package. If the mixture changes blue and frothy, it is because of positive result.

12. Onion test

Onion Test : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

This might sound crazy to a current woman of the 21st century, but this is a technique that was used by the ancient Greeks. In those days, the doctor would place an onion in the woman’s vaginal area and allow it keep there for a night. The up coming day, if the woman’s inhale and exhale smelt of onion, it intended that she is pregnant.

13. Red Cabbage Test

Red Cabbage Test : Home Remedies for Pregnancy Test

This is a lot more of a gender determination test. Cut half a reddish cabbage and place it in a pan of warm water. Stick it on the oven and invite it steam for 10 mins and allow it cool off. Stress the water in a bottle or glass.

In one even more jar or cup, collect an urine sample. Create sure you have comparative elements of both. Add the cabbage drinking water in to the container with the urine sample. If the colour remains same,

i.e. purple, likelihood of having a woman are higher, and if it adjustments to a pink-reddish color, it’s likely you’ll have a boy.


14. Latch Test

A woman would area a latch in a bowl and pee on it until finally it was completely over loaded in urine. She would then have the hard process of waiting around for 3 hours to ensure whether she was pregnant or not.

After three hours, on eliminating the latch from the container, if a print seemed at the bottom part of the container, the outcome was positive.

15. Missed Period Test

Women maintain a test on their period cycle in three months. One simple test needs this calculation. Calculate the days of your menstruation cycle and if the cycle is constant with the planned dates than unfavorable with the result. And if you skip the scheduled date by a lengthy margin, then it means that you are currently pregnant.

Keep mind this tips at pregnancy test :

  • Generally use your early morning urine as an example since it is less diluted.Whatever technique you wish to use, generally guarantee your sample and tester are on a flat surface area.
  • Throw away off any plastic container, spoon or everything that you may have used when doing the test.
  • Don’t depend on the results of the above exams by itself. Visit a doctor just to make guaranteed.
  • Be really very careful while using products and solutions like bleach as the smell is terrible and it could get infections into your lungs.


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