13 Desirable Home Remedies for Anemia


Anemia occurs due to iron insufficiency. The function of iron which carries the bloodstream from lungs and transfer to all or any areas of the body. In WHO tells that lots of people especially women’s have problems with anemia. Iron deficiency occurs in women due to loss of blood at the time of mensuration and pregnancy period as in men it losses in the way of sweat and hair.

Home Remedies for Anemia

Symptoms of Anemia :

  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Cognitive problems
  • Headaches
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Lack of energy
  • Large or low blood circulation pressure
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Hair loss

Causes of Anemia :

  • Anemia due to blood loss
  • Anemia caused by reduced or defective crimson blood cell production
  • Anemia caused by damage of red bloodstream cells
  • Reduced amount of haemoglobin level

Fact on home cures:

1. Dates

Dates provide balanced and nutritious diet. It is abundant with minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. To receive quick energy consume 2-3 3 dates natural glucose content exists in dates. It remedies many major problems to all or any aged group people primarily who experienced from anemia. Improving the nervous program and increasing the bone activity.


The most important delightful food is dates largely relief from the heart disease and anemia. Digestive complications getting cure by standard eating of it.


Take dates or dried out dates minimum 10 to 20 gm. daily at night time. In one gram of dates contain many calories by eating in regular diet energy get increased and pounds gaining process occurs.

2. Beetroot

The raw food and fruit is named beetroot. Beetroot and its leaves contain very diet food. Abundant with folic acid and magnesium. Beetroot as cooked regarding pickle too. Beneficial chemicals as been lost although it cooked take in as raw juice. Delicious and harmful to 6 to 7 month babies.


The colour of the beetroot is red which mainly really helps to growth of RBC levels. Reducing the hypertension level, boost the stamina level.


Using regarding juice or perhaps having with food recipes will increase the mind activity. It cures the disease related to calcification such as for example kidney stone, anemia, vision problems, and cardiovascular disease.

3. Pomegranate

The exocarp color of the fruit contains acidity, juicy substances and hard layer of the skin. Blender the pomegranate seeds mix it with loaf of bread and have it or else simply peel the hard level of the skin spread the seed with curd rice provides lovely and colorful combination.


Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C developing disease fighting capability, fighting agent against cancers disease.


Dry out the Pomegranate peels and get it as powder, apply it as toothpaste helps to recover from tooth pain. Sweeten pomegranate Juicy chemicals helps to recover anemia, sourness and weight lose.

4. Spinach

Spinach abundant with vitamin k and A, more fiber content exists. One of the health great things about consuming spinach reducing the aggressive prostate cancers and anemia. While preparing food the spinach gives extra water generate it as a soup.


Healthy and Evergreen veggie called SPINACH, reducing the cholesterol rate and raising the iron content. Various kinds of annual plant happen to be SPINACH are available, each one recovers various disease.


Removing the pulp location of spinach, after cleansing just boil it or perhaps make it since juice take in empty stomach cure mouth area ulcer. One minute is required to cook the variety of spinach.

5. Blackstrap Molasses

Nearly all sucrose content is high in these molasses, while eating it daily the hair color turns from grey to dark-colored. When the sugarcane plant is definitely harvested these molasses juice is prepared and second process will be the sugars or jaggery consumed and used by all aged groups, the haemoglobin content material gets normal.


The most organic and natural food called Blackstrap Molasses, cures the scarcity of bone. Nature glucose content exists in molasses.


Juicy substances help increase the oxygen to RBC cells. While taking the sugarcane straight, our teeth become very strong. Daily intake of molasses offers strength to pregnancy.

6. Sesame Seed

Tiny size Sesame seed gives healthier food. Rich nutty flavour of sesame seed oil contains protein chemicals with minimum level of amino acids are essential for growth, mainly really helps to reduced amount of LDL cholesterol present in the fat content human body. More beneficial to Ayurveda and siddha doctors to create their medicine.


Sesame seed and its oil helps to decrease the body heat and daily make utilization of it as an oil puling method. To prepare spicy food items use these oil, taste getting rich.


While adding with jaggery contains considerably more nutrient food. Gently therapeutic massage the sesame essential oil on brain, taking twice weekly as a brain bath.

7. Apple

Delicious and crunchy apple contains better anti-oxidants and decrease the risk of skin diseases. May help the lower risk of diabetic patient. Semi-sweet flavor and creamy, which potent anti-growth activities against malignancy. Biting and chewing an apple prevents oral problem.


Every day taking an apple keeps the physician away. Apple delivers immune resistance, doctors advised the diabetes patient to have an apple.


Apple juice really helps to raise the haemoglobin level. Fiber content is abundant with the peel of apple hence don’t through it.

8. Banana

Banana leaf, flowers and fruit are mainly utilized for traditional functions. Banana stem, which remedies the gall bladder stone. The essential portion of banana fruit recovers the constipation issue. Ripened and non-ripened banana are being used for snack foods item and added with foodstuff ingredient too. More energetic food called banana.


Taking banana daily really helps to remove digestion issue. While choosing it daily we are able to overcome from our job depression, which really helps to reduce their threat of cardiovascular disease. Proteins are abundant with banana which really helps to increase the memory ability for growing children.


Raw meals or juicy substances really helps to stop kidney disease and anemia. Put the sliced banana with oat meal and loaf of bread as a breakfast. Banana flower and its stem part used to get ready a soup.

9 . Dried Black Currant

Dietry fiber presents found in Dried Black Currant and it due to more soluble and insoluble fiber. This fiber content generally helps to reduce weight problems, cardiovascular disease, stroke and hyper stress. Soluble fiber reduces the chance of cholesterol and insoluble really helps to regulate the chance of bowl movements.


Very soft and dried out fruit which is abundant with vitamins and minerals. Rest from the circulatory challenges. Daily intake of dried dates remedies the infertility or bone challenges suffered by women.


Taking 10 to 50 gm. of dried out fruits daily reduces the bladder stone. Shop it in fridge to maintain it as a fresh. Mainly used sectors to get ready jam, jelly and sauce. Refreshing the flavor when added to the fruit cocktail.

10. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is used to take care of arthritis, bronchitis, anemia, digestive problems such as for example inflammation of belly (gastritis) and intestinal lining. Methi is named as women friendly substances.


Fenugreek leaves are abundant with food vegetables found in regular diet. Mainly lowers the blood sugar level, those people who experienced from diabetes. In medical goal, these seed is employed as syrup. It can help to market the milk for latest mother.


Employ 10gm of fenugreek seeds in a good bowl containing water keep it overnight, own it before breakfast which assists the body temperature at regular level. Mixture it and apply at brain before taking brain bath which really helps to reduce dandruff.

11. Amla

Amla cultivation is popular in India, for ayurvedic uses helps to prepare drugs, for medical purposes used as a tonic. Amla oil gets extremely popular prepared by employing amla friuit. Amla pickle is very popular in south Indian dishes.


Amla mainly helps to increase the RBC counts and hemoglobin level and performing as bloodstream purifying agent, Eye perspective finding improved. Amla fruit abundant with vitamin C which really helps to conquer the dry epidermis and clears the dandruff wild hair.


Amla juice is essential element of bone, teeth and hair. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) lower into small pieces mixture with honey, and also have it daily.

12. Tomato

Rich in Vitamin A good and Vitamin C really helps to develop the growth of bone, cell division and differentiation, maintain capillaries, bone and teeth. Vitamin supplements help to avoid the DNA damage clear of radicals. Rich in Red color tomato consumption really helps to reduce cardiovascular disease, anemia, and diabetes. Decrease the lowering risk of prostate cancer.


Tomato mainly promotes the colour of the skin. Delicious and spicy meals can prepare using tomato. Drinking one glass of tomato juice really helps to lessen the blood degrees of TNF -alpha.


Eating natural ripened tomato rest from tension. Prepare the tomato soup and add loaf of bread grams to taste. Experience a bit of toast with avocado and tomato slice.

13. Honey

Sweet organic fructose and glucose containing on honey. This sweetness really helps to increase the sweet of recipe. Unique color of honey really helps to eliminate the bacterias. Honey which facilitates the treatment wounds and burns. In contemporary technology it possesses anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.


Nature and nutritional meals is honey, mainly helps for a preservative. Whatever the things blend with honey and employed for storage purpose. Reduces ulcer and other gastrointestinal disorders. Daily eating honey makes our lifestyle stronger. Honey prevents rays induced dermatitis.


Taking desk spoon of honey everyday with warm water helps to reduce the fat content. Combination of honey with olive oil employing as a conditioner leave it in a shower cap for thirty minutes. Demulcent substances can be found in honey that eliminates irritation in oral cavity or throat by forming a protecting film.

Anemia should be corrected within 8 weeks in the event that you added this above items in diet as regularly. “Avoidance IS BETTER THAN Remedy” take it and look free from anemia.


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