13 Best Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory syndrome that causes a lot of discomfort. It is a condition in which the air passages in the lungs suddenly contract. It can be either acute or chronic. This reduces amount of air that can pass, making breathing difficulty.

The inside of walls an asthmatic’s air route are swollen or infected. This bloating or infection creates the air route very delicate to problems and improves your vulnerability to an sensitive response.

Home Remedies for Asthma

Symptoms of Asthma :

  • Breathlessness
  • Pressure in the chest
  • Cough

Causes of Asthma :

There are two types of asthma.

  1. Allergic asthma
  2. Non-allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is a result of body’s reaction to allergens like

  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Drugs
  • Pollution

Non-allergic asthma is a result of body’s reaction to allergens like

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Excessive consumption of processed food
  • High salt intake
  • Low intake of omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants
  • Genetic factors

Fact on home remedies:

Home remedies can relieve breathing difficulties and other symptoms of asthma without the dangerous side effects of conventional meditations.

1. Fig

Figs are nutritional properties which promote respiratory health and help to remove breathing difficulties. This way the nutrients present in figs will quickly enter the blood stream and help in getting relief from asthma symptom.

Things required: Figs


Soak 3-4 dry figs after cleaning them properly in warm water over night. Then have it regularly.

2. Gooseberry

The Indian gooseberry or amla is one of the best sources of vitamin c. This vitamin is a fine antioxidant which can fight off the free radicals produced within the lungs when you get free attack. It also contains vitamin A which can cure respiratory tract infections. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which tensed air passage and relief from asthma.

Things required: gooseberries, honey


Mix 5 grams of goose berries in 1 tablespoon of honey to make a tonic. Take it in every morning. Within 6 months, the prominent symptoms will be resolved.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a natural ingredient that will help in clearing lung congestion effectively.

Things required: Garlic, Milk


Take 10 cloves of garlic and boil them in 30 ml milk. This is for patients suffering from an early stage of asthma.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is an anti-biotic. It contains curcumin, which is a powerful inflammation reducing agent. It strengthens the immune system as well curcumin reduces soreness and swelling caused due to dry cough.

Things required: Turmeric, Water


Add a pinch of turmeric paste to 1 glass of water. This remedy is most effective on an empty stomach. It aids in reducing the mucous lining.

5. Honey

It is one of the most popular ingredients used traditionally for asthma relief. It is a natural inflammatory agent, contains body soluble sugar and enzymes. These sugars easily dilute the stiff mucus and make it thinner. Therefore the mucus starts flowing.

Things required: Honey


Sip a hot water mix with 1 teaspoon of honey before going to bed. It effectively reduces the accumulated mucous lining.

6. Drumstick leaves

For asthma, the leaves of the drumstick trees are used t prepare a soup. It is very effective in the treatment of asthma as this alkaloid relaxes bronchioles.

Things required: Drumstick leaves, 3/4 cup of water


Make a soup with drumstick leaves and have it once every day to cure asthma.

7. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has medicinal properties which will open up the airways when you breathe in the oil. It will significantly bring down the chances of asthma attacks.

Things required: Eucalyptus oil


Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow. Cover on your bed sheet and sleep on it. You can even put some drops of eucalyptus oil on a hand kerchief and keep it near your nose throughout the day.

8. Onions

Onions are an abundant source of anti-inflammatory properties and are very effective in clearing the constriction in the airways of the people suffering from asthma. It has rich in sulphur content which will help in reducing the lung inflammation.

Things required: Onions


Eat 3 0r 4 pieces of raw shallots or small onions to clear your blocked airways and makes to breathe easily.

9. Lemon

Lemon is another natural home remedy that is used to treat asthma. Normally people with asthma will have lower levels of vitamin C. As lemon is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it will easily help in reducing symptoms associated with asthma.

Things required: Lemon


Add a 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey, mix it well and take this solution every day at night to get good night’s sleep.

10. Ginger

Ginger is a well-known organic treatment method for several illnesses such as asthma. Analysts have identified that it can assist decrease air passage infection and prevent air passage shrinkage. plus, studies suggest that it has substances that may improve the muscular relaxant outcomes of certain asthma drugs.

Things required: Ginger, Water, Honey, Salt


Blend equivalent amounts of ginger juice, pomegranate juice and honey, Take one tablespoon of this combination two or three times a day. Additionally, you can blend one teaspoon of ground ginger in one and a half glasses of water and get one tablespoon of this combination at going to bed.

Slice one inch of ginger into tiny pieces and put it to a pot of steaming water, allow it steep for five mins, permit it to cool down and then consume it, You can also consume raw ginger combined with salt.

11. Mustard Oil

Rubbing with mustard oil can support very clear the respiratory passages and recover normal breathing.

Things required: Mustard Oil


Warm some mustard oil with a small camphor, exchange it in a pan and when it is perfectly warm, delicately scrub it on the chest and uppr back and massage, Do this various times a day until finally the signs decrease.

12. Coffee

Coffee can support manage asthma problems since it functions as a bronchodilator. Hot coffee allows rest and clear the air passage to support you to breathe much easier.

Things required: Black coffee


But attempt not to drink more than 3 glasses of black coffee in a day, If you do not like coffee, you can prefer for a cup of hot black tea, Do not use caffeinated drinks as a frequent treatment method though.

13. Carom Seeds

Carom seeds, also known as Bishop’s weed and ajwain, can also be applied to cure gentle asthma as it functions as a bronchodialator by dilating the bronchitis in the lungs.

Things required :Carom seeds, Water


Steam one teaspoon of carom seeds in some water and breathe in the steam, as needed. You can also consume it. Additionally, warm a handful of carom seeds covered in a piece of cotton cloth in a stove for a few seconds, When it is perfectly hot, position it on your chest and neck until finally it cools, Replicate daily till you are fulfilled with the results.

Additional Tips :

  • Test to discover your asthma causes and prevent them, Steer clear of substances, irritants and pollution in the air, and respiratory system infections.
  • Consume at minimum two meals of cold water fish like salmon, cod, mackerel, and herring a week, You can also get omega-3 supplements.
  • Take herbs and spices like rosemary, sage, oregano, ginger and turmeric in your cooking.
  • Stay away from consuming processed and packaged foods with unnatural food ingredients and preservatives, the chemicals may lead to asthma problems.
  • Limit your take in of milk and dairy products if you are allergic to milk proteins or have lactose intolerance expected to lactase insufficiency.
  • Consist of more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Nutrients like mineral magnesium, selenium beta-carotene, and vitamins C and E can assist increase lung function.

Prevention of Asthma :

  • Training deeply breathing.
  • If you feel unexpected blockage, use an inhaler immediately.
  • Get suitable medications in a well-timed manner.
  • Stay away from the wood-burning stove or fireplace.
  • Don’t consume too much of fried foods as oil can further causes congestion of breathing passages.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes and consuming too cold products, specifically in winters as they can decline the situation.

Well all you to do is to try out a combination of above mentioned home remedies for asthma to see which one works for you effectively.

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