Home remedies for Burning Tongue

Burning Tongue is a problem in which a person has a burning sensation in their mouth, The pain distributes to the tongue, lips, the internal part of the cheeks and to nearly all places of the mouth.

This may be triggered expected to several kinds of nutritionary deficiencies, but most frequently, the cause of this problem is unknown, The absorption of a proper diet and some home remedies can be observed to get over this syndrome.

Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Causes of Burning Tongue :

Burning Tongue syndrome may happen expected to a yeast infection in the mouth, prescription medication, a nutritional insufficiency (e.g. vitamin B12, zinc, iron, niacin, etc), intake of hot and spicy food, hormonal imbalance through menopause, allergies, reflux of stomach acid, neurological damage, diabetes, blood abnormalities like anemia, a common skin rash in the mouth named lichen planus, dental disease, tobacco use, bad oral habits like an overuse of mouthwashes and over brushing of the tongue, or endocrine disorders.

The intake of very hot food also leads to burning tongue problem, It may also be relevant to the manufacturing of toxic free radicals launched during stressful situations, Upper respiratory tract infections may also cause burning tongue.

Symptoms of Burning Tongue :

The symptoms are a burning feeling all over the mouth, dryness and sourness in the mouth, an raise in thirst, loss of flavor, anxiety and depression , and other eating or oral relevant situations.

1. Cold Water

Cold Water is most effective treatment for burnt tongue, anytime you get a burnt tongue with nothing all over to heal, you’ll often find water at your rescue.

Hurry to washroom and gargle with cold water, with unique emphasis to water being distribute over the tongue place, Gargle 4 to 5 times efficiently with cold water, Colder the water, greater the result. Even if it isn’t that cold, try moisturizing your tongue and practice point for to get immediate relief.

Drinking lots of water can absorb the heat in the burning place and minimize the burning sensation.

2. Black Tea

The trendy ingredients of black tea can be used over the burning tongue. The extracts can be gathered by soaking 2-3 tea bags in a glass of water and steaming them, Tannic acid provide in the tea absorbs the warm, then cools and calms the burn.

3. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes is used reduce the pain in those burn areas, you can just prefer for the refrigerator-born ice cubes, pick up some ice cubes and position it on your tongue, You will really feel much better and the burning feeling of the tongue disappears as long as ice cubes are relaxed on the tongue, Don’t worry if you gulp down ice into your throat, it would melt in matter of mins, even massage the ice cubes all over the burnt tongue to cure a burnt tongue.

4. Herbal Juices

If the burning tongue problem is linked to a deficiency of gastric acid in the stomach, then the consumption of juices of natural herbs like dandelion, worm wood, plantain, black radish, and nettle can cure this syndrome.

5. Mint Toothpaste

Use the mint toothpaste to get immediate relief, the cooling qualities of mint are a great option on how to cure a burnt tongue.

Get a mint toothpaste and implement over the surface area of the burnt tongue, It would present chilling effect to the tongue, Try to maintain the tongue out of your mouth for some time till the paste dries up on the tongue’s skin. Then clean it with cold water and eat some sweet stuff like liquid chocolate or honey.

6. Diet

Iron-rich food items like dates, bran flakes, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts can also be taken. Also, diet with leafy vegetables, juices, food rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, zinc, etc can decrease the burning sensation.

7. Tabasco Sauce

A mouth wash with water and a few falls of Tabasco sauce can reduce the pain in the tongue, A chemical identified as capsaicin provide in the Tabasco sauce depletes a pain signalling chemical in the nerve cells, therefore reducing the related pain.

8. Mint leaves

Mint has healing qualities that can assist treat burning tongue, never chew fresh mint leaves as this can trigger more harm than great.

Boil mint leaves in water, Trendy and strain and position the infusion in the refrigerator, Consume this two times a day to decrease burning and irritation in the mouth, Also use this mint infusion as a homemade mouthwash to protect against inflammation.

9. Sugar

Sugar includes lot of glucose in it that quickly calms down the flesh of the tongue, as tongue is very vulnerable part, the warming can get absorbed to the skin pores of the tongue. It also makes the outer surface of tongue very delicate when tongue is burnt very severely. The sugar not only provides an instant reduction, but you get sweet flavor in the mouth as well. It is better to use the mashed sugar (powdered form) to treat a burnt tongue as it would cure it much faster.

Additional Tips :

Aloe Vera – Using Aloe Vera gel over the burning tongue two or three times a day can reduce the burning sensation.

Glycerin – Applying glycerin over the tongue can decrease the burning sensation as well.

Baking Soda – Baking soda can be applied for cleaning the teeth, instead of commercial toothpaste.

Papaya – Having papaya can cure the burns with its minerals that can renew the burnt skin.

Apple – Washing the mouth with take cold apple juice can awesome the burning tongue.

Honey – Honey can be used around the tongue like an lotion, It allows in decreasing the inflammation.

Echinacea – About 20 falls of the herb, Echinacea, can be obtained as a remedy for burning tongue.

Lavender Oil – Lavender oil can be placed over the burned tongue using pure cotton dabs to decrease the pain and to enhance rapid healing.

Margosa leaves – Its contain anti-bacterial ingredients that can protect against bad breath and other oral problems, You can brush your teeth with a paste made of mashed margosa leaves

Other burning tongue treatments consist of avoiding smoking and alcohol, and cutting down on spicy and oily foods.

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